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              Baoyuan company is located in the rich Pearl River delta, with convenient transportation. After years of hard work, it has developed into a modern large-scale textile enterprise integrating yarn dyeing, knitting denim and other production services. The company has won the praise of the majority of users with its new marketing concept, excellent product quality and sincere service.

              Among them, the knitted denim series products produced by the company have the characteristics of fine and clear lines, soft and comfortable feel, excellent air permeability, and become the excellent products of high-end denim series and sell at home and abroad.

              Selection of materials

              Hand feel and drape

              Color refreshing



              We use green environmental protection, excellent color absorption ability uniform, pure color, fiber strength is higher than ordinary cotton, so that feel more soft and smooth.


              All fabrics will be checked and classified in strict accordance with the fabric inspection standard of four points before they are sent to customers, and some failed fabrics will be stored in the warehouse to ensure the quality stability of the fabric you receive.



              Baoyuan knitted denim INDIGO yarn adopts the ancient INDIGO dyeing process, the natural INDIGO dye is extracted and fermented from natural blue plants, and then with the advanced equipment independently developed by our company, the dyed denim yarn has natural color, rich sense of layers, and can create the feeling of blue sky and white clouds.


              A combination of denim and knit fabric

              It already has the characteristics of soft texture, close skin, breathable, all around play, and has the functional characteristics such as moisture absorption, heat preservation, deodorization, and does not lose the style of traditional cowboy rugged and unrestrained.

              Experience in knitting denim fabric production

              The company established product research and development center in 2009, and set up a high-quality, highly skilled RESEARCH and development team, and actively cooperate with "provincial and municipal scientific research institutes, become a professional knitting denim production, learning and research base in northern Jiangsu.

              Have broad prospects

              HYBRID's dual-energy technology combines the advantages of knitting and woven to create a fabric that combines the comfort and flexibility of knitted fabric with the excellent shape of woven fabric

              Quality makes future

              Cotton is made of American cotton, Australian cotton and Xinjiang cotton, and yarn is produced with Germany Schilifu equipment. The fabric shall be inspected for three times before leaving the factory, and the inspection report shall be issued after it is fully qualified.





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